Sunday, May 1, 2011

Alternate Voice Actors

Since a few of the voice actors from the SWAT Kats are dead, I've been mulling over possible replacements for them. Here's what I have so far.

Dark Kat: Corey Burton or Dee Bradley Baker
Pastmaster: same as above
Madkat: Tom Kenny

If you have other suggestions then please leave a comment.


  1. Hmm.. Since im not living in US i don't know any names on voice actors (except for famous actors renting their voices out).
    Looked them up on youtube, was hard to find Corey Burton though.

    Dee Bradley Baker would be a really good choice for Dark Kat indeed.

    Couldn't find anything on Tom Kenny except Spongebob though, so i have to look him up more.

  2. Michael Dorn would be better as Dark Kat due to his voice is fairly close to Brock Peters. Mariette Hartley would be a very good Dr. Synian.

  3. @Anonymous. Thanks. I chose Corey Burton and Dee Bradley Baker because they're pretty versatile voice actors. I wasn't able to come up with anyone for Dr. Synian.

  4. Excuse me, does anybody knows if Chance's and Jake's voice actors are still alive?
    I'd be really glad to take out that doubt :(

  5. @Volk Yes they are still alive.

  6. Has anyone considered what could be done if any original cast members aren't interested. Here is a real humdinger of an alternate cast idea. How about Jennifer Aniston as Callie Briggs? Kate Mulgrew will still be a very good choice for Dr. Synian.