Thursday, December 6, 2012

Updated Steps

Veterans of this blog may remember this post made over two years ago.

Some things have changed over the past two years. For example there are a larger number of pages dedicated to the revival than there were two years ago. But some things haven't changed. For example viewership and membership on these sites remains low. While Matt has told me that one hundred to two hundred visitors per day is good for this fandom, I still think there's a segment that this blog (and the fan sites in general) isn't reaching out to. We only seem to be found by people actively looking for us which is probably a small portion of the people who have actually liked the show. I'm going to do a redo of the list from two years ago to show what's finished, what's in progress and what needs to be done.


1. Letter writing campaign.

Works in progress.

1. Petition.

2. Public exposure.

Needs to be done.

1. Further public exposure. 

You may be wondering where all of the stuff about external sites is. When I started out I had hoped that the various revival sites could communicate, with this blog being the hub. That seems to be a feat too large for us to handle for now, so I'm ignoring the external sites in favor of this one. The links will still be there, but I'm concentrating most of the effort into this blog and the Facebook group (which is more active than the other sites). I might post a few times in the other sites, but outside of that I won't be doing as much on them as I have been before.

If you've reached the end of this page without falling asleep, please consider signing the petition.

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